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Preparing your business for sale

Our comprehensive information memorandums & detailed business profiles add value to your business sale and build credibility with potential buyers. Our goal when we Link Business buyers and sellers is to use our attention to detail and knowledge of the business sales market place to save your valuable time and resources, allowing you to continue running your business whilst we run the sale process.


Accurate Appraisal Valuations

We use a combination of several established business appraisal methods to help build an appraisal valuation. Our extensive database of historical sales data allows us to Benckmark business sales against past business sales, whilst our industry knowledge and understanding of the key valuation drivers for a business sale mean our appraisals are well researched and form a solid foundation for justifying your asking price.


Planned Marketing Strategies

Proven Marketing Strategies include access to leading business sales Platforms & Advertisers in Australia. By profiling and targeting particular buyers, rather than aiming for a large number of enquiries, we can better control the confidentiality process and dedicate time to working closely with the right buyers for a successful sales outcome.

Our local knowledge and trusted networks have been built up over many years which gives our clients a unique advantage over other business sellers on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. With a broad network of business brokers on the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and overseas you business sale will also acheive global reach.


Hassle Free Sale Contracts

Many Business Brokers will stop at providing passive advertising for your business sale. We fully manage the Sale for you from start to finish. Negotiating a business sale is not all about the sales price. A formally negotiated sale and purchase agreement sets out the terms and conditions to the sale proceeding and if done properly is used to identify and overcome barriers that would otherwise delay or cause a breakdown in the business sales process. Our sale & purchase agreements lead to hassle free settlement & business handover.