Keep Focussed During the Sale

13 Feb 2017 11:24 AMTroy Potter
Keep Focussed During the Sale

It is important that you are not distracted during the business sale

process from the day-to-day running of your business. If it suffers a

downturn during this period, the final sale price could be seriously



Apart from the preparation of documentation and implementing a marketing stategy,

a good business broker will manage the whole sale process and typically deal with 10's or

sometimes 100's of buyer enquiries so you don't have to. This includes initial phone and

email enquiries and all the work those enquiries generate in the management of the

Confidentiality process.


Once qualified, you or your broker will need to have lengthy, ongoing discussions with

several potential purchasers before inspections and negotiations begin. The time taken to

complete this part of the business sale can be very time consuming and if not done

with care and attention will not end up in a successful sale outcome.


If you are too busy with customers or staff to meet with several buyers and give

them the attention they need, the sale will not succeed. If dealing with each buyer

yourself, be prepapered to remove yourself from the business and make plans to

keep the business performing at it's best during your abscence.


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