This established practice employs a small but highly regarded team of Registered Psychologists, supported by a practice manager and admin staff.

The well-appointed premises will not disappoint with rooms specifically designed for counselling sessions and multiple rooms housed within the same space. The high end fit out is designed to ensure clients feel at ease, safe, and valued. Various room styles and sizes can accommodate individuals, couples, or families. A long-term lease is available to an incoming owner, with all furniture, fixtures, and fittings included in the sale price.

Key Points:

  • Professional, qualified staff
  • Security of tenure and quality premises
  • High Profile Digital Presence
  • Established systems and processes


This practice has curated a client and referral list that value the highest quality counselling experience. All staff are well-qualified and committed to ongoing professional development, supported by the existing employment arrangements. The current owner runs sessions on a part-time basis by choice, but an incoming owner may choose to adjust their own hours or reduce counselling hours to focus on business development activities. The premises is underutilised with plenty of room availability to support an increase in sessions.

Policies, systems, and processes are in place to ensure the business's compliance. The practice enjoys a highly visible Digital presence across it’s website and digital channels curated by a proactive owner across all social channels. A session booking process system is compatible and integrated with other software to streamline intake, CRM management, and accounting functions. Lead generation comes from professional referrals, personal relationships with health professionals and an active online presence.

Asking Price: $390,000


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